About Us


Who Are We

ConnX Pty Ltd is the owner, developer, sales and supporting company behind the ConnX HCM software solution. We pride ourselves on …

  • Being Australian focused and Australian owned with 15 years of experience
  • Having been tried, tested and proven with over 500 clients Australia Wide representing over 250,000 users
  • Providing powerful functionally while being intuitive and easy to use
  • A fully integrated HR System as well as employee/manager self service
  • Over 50 employees servicing your HR/Workforce Management needs
  • 30 employees servicing your HR and Workforce Management research and development needs
  • Small IT footprint
  • Personalised support and training
  • Being modular to suit you, grow with you and cover your contingencies
  • HR experience (best of breed HR specialists) and payroll experience
  • Influence, feedback and personalised involvement