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BPAY Stops the Paper Chase

Since 1997, BPAY has been providing clients with a convenient and secure way to pay their bills. BPAY is now the most popular bill payment service in Australia, employing over 140 staff across a variety of administrative, business and finance roles.

BPAY started as an innovative and secure phone bill-paying scheme, and this cutting-edge approach to using technology has continued with now 89% of all payments processed are via internet banking. Their value proposition for customers is simple: make the payment and receipt of bill payments effortless. BPAY have the same philosophy with their internal HR processes – they should be effortless.

Being a leader in technology solutions, BPAY decided to automate the processes surrounding human capital management in 2006.

The Paper Chase Ends

Prior to implementing ConnX, the team at BPAY managed leave with manual approval processes and paper-based forms. This impacted processing time and was error prone; BPAY recognised this approach was quickly becoming outdated. “Managing leave processing was burdensome, with lost leave forms never making it into payroll. In addition it was challenging to manage leave liability”, said Janaki Seneviratne, Payroll Specialist, BPAY.

Managers and staff can now input leave requests in advance or after sick leave is taken. Everything is managed online, so the information is live and forms are not lost or misplaced. “This provides us with a more accurate view of leave liability, which is required by finance”, said Ms Seneviratne.

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Leave balances are maintained within ConnX and staff can effortlessly forecast leave balances which reduces payroll enquiries and ensures leave balances are not exceeded.

Leave Calendars Improve Visibility

By implementing ConnX, BPAY has improved workforce visibility — managers can easily identify staff availability prior to approving leave, which ensures adequate staffing in all departments. Team members can easily identify when colleagues are on leave with the colour-coded leave calendar. The leave calendar simplifies leave planning across the business.

Payroll Processing Reductions

BPAY has been able to halve the time taken to process payroll due to the efficiencies gained with ConnX. “We no longer enter data manually — payroll is almost a fully automated task”, said Ms Seneviratne. Now that paper-based forms are eliminated, filing has been eradicated and payroll staff have more time for value add activities.

Self Service Benefits

Employees update records directly, which ensures accuracy of data. Enquiries have also been reduced, and staff are empowered to manage and view their own records. Requests for payroll to reprint pay advices have been reduced to zero, as all staff have a complete history of their pay advices within ConnX.

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“We no longer enter data manually — payroll is almost a fully automated task”
Janaki Seneviratne, Payroll Specialist, BPAY

“We are very happy with ConnX and would recommend it to anyone looking to streamline HR processes”
Janaki Seneviratne, Payroll Specialist, BPAY


Vital Security

Employee payroll and personal information is extremely sensitive, and the sophisticated security features in ConnX ensure all information is protected and only available to those users with appropriate access. “Being like a bank, our organisation has rigorous security requirements and our IT people were very happy with the multi-level security features within ConnX”, said Ms Seneviratne.

Value Adding Services to Staff

Communication has improved since ConnX was implemented. Payroll and HR now has more time to talk to the staff and understand their needs and are introducing more ConnX functions to assist staff.

To ensure line managers don’t overlook their 1,2 and 3 month probationary interviews BPAY have established automatic reminders within ConnX to flag managers when these are due.

BPAY found ConnX quick to learn and easy to use. By implementing ConnX they have achieved impressive efficiencies around vital HR functions. “We are very happy with ConnX and would recommend it to anyone looking to streamline HR processes”, said Ms Seneviratne.