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ConnX eHR Improves Visibility for Rental Giant

Thorn Australia owns and runs over 70 Radio Rentals and Rentlo stores, making them the largest household goods rental company in Australia.

Thorn Australia is a dynamic organisation offering great career development programs to nurture and motivate their 550+ employees but managing the data associated with their geographically dispersed workforce was challenging and time consuming.

The HR & Payroll team spent an enormous amount of time managing manual files, answering calls and providing replacement Payment Summaries.

Driving Efficiencies

Thorn recognised the efficiencies that could be gained by harnessing technology to manage and automate the various manual processes. Andrea Rooke, General Manager Human Resources, led the team responsible for sourcing the correct tool to eliminate the cumbersome manual elements of their processing. “We looked for a solution that would provide seamless integration with our payroll system. A user-friendly interface was vital, as we were conscious of the number of employees within the organisation who were anxious about using technology”, said Ms Rooke.
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ConnX eHR was selected as the tool to streamline and automate HR processes across the organisation. “We like the fact that ConnX could mirror our existing manual processes and not force us to work in a different way, we were even able to duplicate our paper based forms” said Ms Rooke. The tight integration with their existing payroll system, Micropay Meridian, was a bonus and ensured a single source of truth approach to employee data management. “System usability has exceeded my expectations”, said Ms Rooke. “ConnX is the first system I have used where the online leave approvals actually worked – first time!”

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A New Approach

The dispersed nature of the organisation called for an innovative roll out strategy which, of course, the experienced team at Thorn were able to develop and deploy. The easy to use interface also assisted with the two week roll out of phase one of the ConnX project and allowed the team to harness the power of the internet and provide web-based (webinar) training to every employee across the business. “Some of the staff were initially nervous about using ConnX, but after the training, the feedback was really positive”, said Ms Rooke.

Training for Performance Reviews was handled using screen recording software that delivers an on-demand approach. The nature of Performance Reviews means that it is only used twice per year, and managers may forget vital elements between uses. By offering an on-demand e-learning approach, managers can view the training as a refresher, when they need it.

“ConnX is the first system I have used where the online leave approvals actually worked – first time!”
Andrea Rooke, General Manager Human Resources, Thorn Australia

“System usability has exceeded my expectations”
Andrea Rooke, General Manager Human Resources, Thorn Australia

More Time – Less Paper

ConnX has enabled Thorn to minimise the need for the paper-based employee files that were cumbersome and time consuming to maintain. “Having the information online also provides information to store managers that allows them to manage leave more effectively, ensuring adequate staffing at stores during peak periods”, said Ms Rooke.

The burden on the HR team has been drastically reduced – their day is no longer consumed with handling enquires and processing employee requests, and they now have more time to support the workforce and deliver strategic HR programs. With the elimination of manual processes, store managers can focus on staff, customers and operational issues.

Performance Management Improved

By automating performance reviews, managers can now focus on the benefits offered by the performance review process rather than the burden of the paper shuffle. The automatic reminders function minimises human intervention and encourages the timely completion of every performance review. Keeping employee goals within ConnX ensures they are frequently reviewed and not lost or forgotten. Having access to these goals online enables HR to support staff and assist them in achieving their goals throughout the year.

The implementation of ConnX at Thorn Australia has been a success; the practiced execution of each stage has ensured user acceptance and a readiness for the next phase. “We still have a few modules to implement but we are on track to achieving the twelve-month return on investment that our business case predicts”, said Ms Rooke.