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ConnX Delivers Global HR Solution for Online Travel Leader

The Wotif Group operates leading online travel brands in the Asia Pacific region, providing travellers with cost-effective travel options in a convenient, easy to use website.

With just under 500 employees, they have grown significantly since they were founded in 2000 with just 2 employees. Today they are a truly global organisation operating in 13 countries on five continents. The Wotif Group comprises,,, travelmax, Asia Web Direct,,, Wotflight and Arnold Travel Technology, along with a number of travel content and destination websites.

With such a rapidly expanding workforce, HR were weighed down with an outdated payroll system that they had outgrown and a plethora of manual HR processes. Managing paper-based time sheets and leave requests had become a burden and was time consuming.


Growth Drives Change

With the organisation growing at such a rapid pace, the company realised a more sophisticated solution was required; a system that would automate the manual processes and ease the administrative work load, while reducing costs. In early 2007 the organisation began the search. Ashleigh Wheller, Executive General Manager – Human Resources Wotif Group, researched the systems available. “Our key criteria was a solution that was scalable, flexible and provided value for money”, said Ms Wheller.

“We reviewed a number of systems and found the cost of many to be prohibitive; we failed to see the value when at the time our workforce numbers were around 150. Others required an excessive amount of IT support and although we have extensive IT expertise within the business, we would prefer to use our resources on profit-generating activities rather than managing internal systems”, said Ms Wheller. After a comprehensive search, Micropay Meridian was selected for the Australian payroll and ConnX eHR for the global HR solution.

Ready for Change

The initial rollout of ConnX was handled by the HR team, providing group training sessions across the enterprise to ensure everyone was able to adapt to the change in leave management processes. “Being a technology company, system adoption was a natural progression for our staff. We experienced no issues. In fact, our employees were eager to use ConnX and harness the information now available to them”, said Ms Wheller.

More Time – Less Paper

As new employees start in any of the global locations, they are sent a welcome pack that contains key information on how to use the system. “We rarely get questions from new starters. ConnX is intuitive and easy to use. We think it’s a really good system”, said Ms Wheller.

Not long after implementing ConnX the organisation expanded rapidly with the acquisition of two businesses. “ConnX as our global HR solution made it easier to integrate the new employees and provided a consistent platform to deploy HR policy”, said Ms Wheller. From an HR perspective, ConnX has ensured the seamless integration of the disparate global workforces and provided a standardised leave management portal regardless of the different payroll applications utilised.

Processing Times Reduced

By implementing ConnX Employee Services Portal (ESP) and the timesheets module, The Wotif Group have drastically reduced payroll processing times. “Previously, processing took one day per fortnight. We now have the process complete within 3 hours thanks to ConnX”, said Ms Wheller, who also went on to say “The heightened visibility delivered by ConnX provides management with the workforce information they need, when they need it”.


Counting the Savings

“We have experienced significant productivity savings since implementing ConnX. The HR team now have more time to focus on strategic HR initiatives”, said Ms Wheller. Paper-based pay advices and payment summaries have been eliminated, which has provided savings and increased employee service levels, as staff can now access this information online. Audit costs have also decreased – with all employee records available electronically, the auditors needs can be satisfied much faster without the need to locate paper-based records.

The Wotif Group has almost tripled in size since acquiring ConnX, but the system has proved to be a scalable and reliable global HR solution providing the agility required by a growing technology focused organisation. Underpinning the ConnX software solution is a committed team at Q2 Solutions. “ConnX is a superior solution, and the support we get from Q2 Solutions is impressive. They are very responsive”, said Ms Wheller.

“ConnX is a superior solution, and the support we get from Q2 Solutions is impressive. They are very responsive”
Ashleigh Wheller, Executive General Manager – HR, Wotif Group