How to Easily Create and Maintain a Competency Framework

By |November 6th, 2018|

A competency framework is a set of characteristics (or competencies) defined by your business to successfully perform roles.

More importantly though, is what do you want to use a competency framework for. What you can use a competency framework for and what you do (or should) use it for may be 2 different things. Be clear on the purpose of your competency framework to ensure it stays relevant.


It’s important to be flexible and re-usable when defining and building your framework using “levels” of competence, rather than re-defining the competency for each role. A simple example of this is the Microsoft Excel skill. The junior role may require a “Foundation level of Microsoft Excel”, mid-tier role at “Intermediate” and senior role at “Advanced”. It’s the same skill but the level increases with the role advancing.

Adopting this style of framework makes it much easier to create and maintain the framework.

Other examples of […]