Best of Breed Timesheet Award Interpretation Software in a complete HR suite

ConnX Time and Attendance effortlessly calculates each employee’s salary based on their specific working conditions (award), shift details, day of the week and costing. It’s a simple, automated process with no manual calculations required.
  • Automatically calculate overtime, time in lieu and penalties
  • Integrate with biometric time clock or swipe card
  • Integrate with Payroll so there is no double data entry
  • Apply fully date-effective changes to pay rates or rules during the pay period
  • Automate alerts to maintain payroll efficiency
  • Integrate with the Leave Management module
  • Apply security settings to show or hide pay rates
  • Run reports for any timeframe, including previous financial years
  • Track hours to cost centres
  • Change rates for employees who work higher duties
  • Assist in fatigue management of staff
  • Easily add any extra records as needed (e.g., mileage)
  • Automatically calculate call out rules for minimum hourly payments
  • Variation tracking allows employers to establish codes that track clocking behaviours

ConnX can also provide your employees and managers direct access to complete their own online timesheets. Managers can monitor completion, send reminders, and approve or deny timesheets without printing a page or picking up the phone. Payroll personnel simply crosscheck transactions (after manager approval) and then upload the data directly to Payroll to create payments.


Reporting and Dashboards

Quickly and easily report on timesheet data with the following standard reports…
  • Timesheet status showing ‘not submitted’, ‘pending approval’ and ‘approved’
  • All historical timesheets
  • Payroll reporting
  • Timesheet reminders
  • Overtime reporting
  • Job costing reports


Advantages of ConnX Time and Attendance and Award Interpretation

Having your Timesheet and Award Interpretation platform within your HR and People Management solution means you can more easily…
  • maintain workflow approvals for all HR processes
  • prepare for day 1 by having their electronic timesheet ready for their 1st day
  • report on HR and payroll employee metrics in 1 place
  • integrate the leave and timesheet processes centrally, with integration to payroll and finance


Success Stories and Testimonials


Credit Union SA

“We find the support from ConnX very impressive.”
Chris Kotal, Credit Union SA
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