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  • Streamlines business processes increasing efficiency for all employees and managers
  • Provides a communication platform between the company and each employee and manager
  • Is a secure, safe and risk free solution
  • Reduces HR and payroll processing time by automating manual processes
  • Gives the HR team the tools needed to strategize, plan, execute and monitor the company direction
  • Projects a professional image both internally and externally to reinforce your brand
  • Adds value to the working life of every employee and manager
  • Allows you to share your vision for your organisation, and get commitment from each level to ensure the ongoing success of the business
  • Tracks positions, headcount, FTE, budgets and allocations
  • Manages the recruitment process, maintains a searchable talent pool, allows direct input into the recruitment process by line managers
  • Automates the on-boarding process for the employee, manager, HR, payroll, IT and other departments with tasks that can be monitored
  • Manages the training and development plan, career plan, progression plan for all staff
  • Creates probationary reviews, performance reviews, monitors completion and provides specific report so you can take action to improve
  • Increases business efficiency by automating manual paper forms (e.g. travel request form)
  • Centralises policies and procedures
  • De-centralises input and maintenance of employee master file information
  • Manages company risk with qualifications/skills expiry, reminders and action items
  • Provides an on-line employee document storage system
  • Manages incidents, hazards, employee rehabilitation and return-to-work
  • Provides the workforce profile information for your reporting needs
  • Allows you to listen to the heartbeat of your organisation, know when it needs help and inject it with what’s needed at the right time
  • Provides you with the tools to monitor your HR strategies to show the real value of HR
  • Centralises company property to employees for easy allocation and return
  • Delivers up-to-date organisational charts available to all staff immediately
  • Frees you from the mundane, time-consuming questions of “How much…”, “What is…”and “I’ve changed…” by providing employees and managers with the tools to do it yourself, for example…
    • How much was I paid?
    • Where is my payment summary?
    • How much leave do I have now, in 6 months, at Christmas, etc.?
    • What are my superannuation details?
    • What is my tax file number?
    • I’ve changed address
    • I’ve changed banks
    • When am I next getting paid?
    • Automates the process of knowing when to pay (timesheets) and when to take away (leave)
    • Allows you to control the payroll process as no pay information is sent to the payroll system without you knowing about it
    • Increases accuracy as no double entry of details between what is entered and what is paid
    • Provides many rules around taking leave (e.g. minimum balance, consecutive days, certificates, etc.)
    • Gives you time, control and accuracy to ensure you do a great job every time
  • Gives you quick and easy lookup of the details of your staff
  • Provides you with an easy to use electronic ‘form’ to complete to change staff details
  • Gives you full history of staff movements, past reviews, leave, training, etc.
  • Allows you to control current and future workforce needs
  • Allows to you to manage your employees goals, objectives, training & development to ensure they align with company strategy
  • Provides you with an electronic record of documents, emergency contacts, and medical conditions, qualifications, skills, etc.
  • Allows you to be notified and directly involved in OH&S incidents


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