Why choose our hr solution

Finally a HR system designed around the way you work

For too long HR systems were extensions of payroll or a ‘best of breed’ specialised HR system (for example, a specialist performance system or recruitment system). We believe HR starts with the identification of a person, ends with the separation and in-between consists of getting the most of every staff member so they contribute to your organisation in the best possible way (and eventually leave a better person).

Payroll systems are focused on calculation, tax, superannuation and keeping up-to-date with legislative requirements; specialist HR systems don’t give you the overall picture as they focus on only 1 element. ConnX provides you with a suite of HR tools to manage every aspect of your employee’s career with you, at the same time providing you with the heartbeat of your organisation.

We developed ConnX because we are passionate about HR, and about business efficiency, and we have 10 years of specialised experience working with businesses in all industries and of all sizes to provide the perfect HR solutions for their needs.

We want you to make a real difference in your organisation. We want to make you look better, feel better and have more time. We can show you how to raise your profile, earn the respect you deserve and show your business that HR does make a valuable contribution to the bottom line.

Many HR professionals have lots of great ideas, they know what their organisation needs but cannot monitor strategies in place. We can show you how to manage your strategies to see if they are working, and if not make refinements and adjustments to get it right.

In today’s world we simply don’t have the luxury of time and resources, we are always asked to do more with less. More reports, more queries, more metrics, more problems and demands, less time, less money, less staff and resources. ConnX gives you more time so you can do more with what you already have. You can show more, you can give more, you can do more with ConnX.