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November 2018

Top 10 Questions to Ask about Performance Reviews

By |November 2nd, 2018|

Performance Reviews are alive and well, however they have certainly had a bad rap lately. Before starting or reviving Performance Review for your organisation ask yourself and your senior leadership team the following questions. The answers to which will provide insight and will allow you to better align the outcomes to business needs.

  1. Why do them and what does your organisation gain from them?
  2. How do Performance Reviews align with the organisational strategies?
  3. Do managers clearly understand their role?
  4. Do you have a communication plan and change management plan in place
  5. Is there a clear escalation process of who to contact and for what reason
  6. Have you (or will you) run any trials with feedback for improvement
  7. What is in it for each stakeholder?
  8. Is HR prepared for the increase in workload?
  9. Do you have a clear, communicated plan with what you are going to do with the results?
  10. How does Performance Reviews impact or change any […]

September 2018

Top 8 Tips on Maximising Your Recruitment Process

By |September 6th, 2018|

We compiled our top 8 insider tips for managing your recruitment process.

1. Map and communicate your recruitment process to ensure it works for you

Typically there are few people involved, so create a simple flowchart of the recruitment process for your business. This ensures everyone understands their role and hiring managers are contributing to the process in the appropriate timeframe. Australian HR Institute (AHRI) has a great Recruitment and Selection topic including sample flowcharts you can use (members only).

2. Look at promoting from within to re-inforce engagement and retention

For many roles you may be able to promote an existing employee, who has already expressed an interest in moving into this role. If the glove fits, go with it. This will aid in faster decisions, improved performance and a higher employee engagement and retention. From there, backfilling the previous role should […]