How We Help

We build meaningful relationships to grow together

Our approach is personal. We strive to understand how you operate and how ConnX can help you to achieve your business goals.

how we help


Detailed Discovery of Your Needs

Building meaningful relationships is paramount. We care deeply about the challenges you face and our role in equipping you for success over the years to come.



Uniquely Tailored Implementation Process

We impart long lasting knowledge tailored to each business situation.  The project follows our industry best practice guidelines and is tailored to your resources and milestones.


All In One, Configurable Solution

Connect employees to the heartbeat of your organisation with an easy to use, all in one HR software solution that streamlines people processes and gives back time.



Cloud and Mobile

ConnX is available in many forms and molds completely to fit your business needs. It’s fully functional when implemented onsite, on the cloud, used as a web app, and most importantly, on mobile.


Onsite Flexible Training

Where possible, training is performed on-site on your ConnX system, meaning during the training sessions you are configuring your own solution. Includes your own sandpit training system for you to use at any time.



Ongoing Support Network

We strive to impart life long knowledge and support long after your ConnX system is implemented. Our diligent support team are here for you!

“Having all team members within the one database ensures that we have all the information we need at our fingertips”

Lindsay Kilgour, HR and WHS Advisor

Our first clients are with us nearly two decades on

250,000+ users

500+ clients

20+ years

Suite of HR tools to give you the gift of time

Transform your business by streamlining your people management process with a powerful, all in one software solution

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