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Trippas White Group

Trippas White Group is a leader in the hospitality industry, operating 38 restaurants, cafés, events and catering facilities across Australia. Trippas White Group manage a prestigious portfolio of venues and require a team of over 1250 full-time, permanent and casual staff.


1000 employees

Joined 2014

“ConnX Onboarding is truly a game changer, in HR alone it’s saving us upward of 20 hours per week”

David Murrie, General Manager Human Resources


Tiring manual inputting of data

Cumbersome and error prone onboarding

Disconnect between venues


50% reduction in payroll time

Over 20 hours of time savings per week

Onboarding now completely automated and paperless

Records for new hires electronically stored

Staff data easily accessible

No time wasted correcting errors

Automated Onboarding Boosts Engagement and Halves Payroll Time

Trippas White Group (TWG) know that their people are the key to their success. Sourcing the right people and getting them onboard quickly is vital, particularly in the hospitality industry where demand fluctuates and staff turnover can be high due to the transient nature of many casuals who are working on temporary visas.

Onboarding New Starters

In order to keep their venues running effectively TWG maintain a razor-sharp focus on employee acquisition and retention. Finding good staff can be challenging and once they source the right candidate TWG want to get them onboard quickly and efficiently.

For many years the onboarding process was manual which meant venues experienced a delay between making the written offer to the candidate and the start date. For HR and Payroll the process was very timeconsuming, cumbersome and error-prone. There are many documents, including bank details, TFN Declaration, Superannuation choice to be collected and they were often received at different intervals and in hard copy. The personal details for each new starter then had to be manually input into the payroll system.

TWG realised there was a better, and more efficient way to manage new starters. David Murrie the Case Study General Manager Human Resources at Trippas White Group headed up the project to streamline the onboarding process.

“We decided to implement the Onboarding module of ConnX as we had been using the Employee Self Service component successfully for 4 years and once we saw a demonstration we knew it would provide us with a powerful solution to streamline our process”

Project Success

Savings are impressive for HR, all records for new hires are stored electronically and easily accessed. The
onboarding process is now fully automated and paperless. The costs associated with paper, storage and filing
have been drastically reduced. HR is no longer collating documents and chasing lost information which means the
Company is saving upward of 20 hours per week.

There are also dramatic time savings for the payroll team as manual data entry has been eliminated. “The amount of time that the Payroll team are spending on new starters has halved and I am pleased to say they love the system,” said Mr Murrie “Since implementing the system we have recruited around 1000 people and there have been minimal issues.”

“Payroll, HR and the Venue Managers have all achieved incredible efficiency savings, everyone is impressed!”

The Implementation

Operating 38 diverse venues across Australia means that the employment contracts and requirements in each location are varied. The team from ConnX worked closely with TWG to understand the complexities of the various contracts in order to ensure that all requirements were met and the correct documents were collected and stored electronically. “New hires are onboarding faster and they are welcomed in a consistent and cohesive way, regardless of their location or position, from a HR perspective that is excellent,” said Mr Murrie.

Reduced Errors

During the process, candidates input their own details which has drastically reduced the number of errors, bounce backs from banks and time spent chasing up superannuation details. “ConnX verifies the information being input by the new employee, which ensures the information is correct and our team don’t waste time correcting errors,” said Mr Murrie.

Being able to move quickly with new starters means there are no delays and minimal risk of candidates accepting other roles. “The system is so efficient that we can onboard a new employee the same day the offer is made, it can be done in minutes.”

Staff Feedback

Feedback from new recruits has been glowing. A new General Manager of Sales and Marketing was recently recruited and when asked about his experience he replied. “I thought it was excellent. It was easy to use, navigate and upload documents. To tackle all onboarding and paperwork from the one portal – is great. Your process is what Tech is meant to bring – that is to Simplify, Personalise and be User Friendly – the TWG on boarding does all of these really well – so thanks,” said Richard Howarth, General Manager, Sales and Marketing.

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