Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Simply collecting workforce data is not enough. To deliver the best HR strategies for your organisation you must be able to collate, organise, analyse and communicate your workforce data on demand. ConnX gives you that power!


Collate, organise, analyse and communicate your workforce data on demand

Have the information you need at your fingertips! One click solution to find what you need easily, effortlessly and informatively!


Multidimensional analysis of employee data

Get the information you want – when you want it. Reports Manager is a powerful reporting took with graphs and drill down capabilities

Export to PDF, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word

Ease and convenience come standard – easily exportable for your reporting, management and presentations


Included Features

Standard reporting including lost time, absenteeism, staff turnover and terminations

We provide some standard reports – but with our Business Intelligence Module add on you can create and customise even more specific reports needed for your business to thrive

Deliver the best HR Strategies for your organisation

Understanding your staff and their output is tantamount to success. Reporting correctly and efficiently will make you the employer of choice

Graphs and Drill Down capabilities

Need more information? Micro or Macro? Click into the graph for even more drill down information!

Easily generate professional reports

Wide selection of standard reports available – configurable to your needs and quickly and easily created

Reports access and security limits

Decide who can see what – and when. Create specific reports to assist your managers lead and grow your business

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“Having all team members within the one database ensures that we have all the information we need at our fingertips”

Lindsay Kilgour, HR and WHS Advisor

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