Workplace Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety

ConnX WHS tracks, records and analyses incidents, injuries and illnesses that occur in the workplace. It is important to understand where WHS incidents arise in order to eliminate risk, improve processes and equipment, train employees and ultimately ensure the workplace is a safe environment.


Everyone can record incidents and hazards when they happen

Employees and managers can record incidents and hazards immediately via your configured workflow processes, so you can action them quickly and easily


Immediate action and reporting

ConnX allows employees or managers as well as WHS and HR personnel to record incidents and hazards when they happen so that action can be taken immediately. It also enables managers to implement corrective actions and oversee the rehabilitation of injured employees

Built in dashboards allows for WHS at a glance

Follow, track and log specific times, dates and locations and have easy reports and dashboards for quick reference


Included Features

Enables Managers to implement corrective action and oversee rehabilitation

Follow up incidents, provide feedback and monitor improvements

Quickly see incident rates, frequency rates and lost time rates

Reporting is a breeze with ConnX intuitive reports features

Identify incident statistics in a glance

One click information available with drill down capabilities

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“Having all team members within the one database ensures that we have all the information we need at our fingertips”

Lindsay Kilgour, HR and WHS Advisor

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