Effortlessly manage and document employment contract changes with ConnX Variations: simplify approvals, ensure clarity, and minimise misunderstandings.


Enhance operational efficiency

Automate documentation for transfers, promotions, and salary adjustments, keeping records accurate and accessible for swift decision-making


Boost compliance and transparency

ConnX Variations provides a secure, traceable framework for contractual adjustments, protecting both employer and employee interests

Secure document approvals

If a work contract changes, employees are optionally sent a new contract to approve via smart workflows so changes are documented and stored against the employee record


Included Features

Real-Time Tracking and Notifications

Stay informed with immediate updates on contract variation statuses, enabling proactive management and timely interventions. ConnX Variations keeps all stakeholders aligned with automatic notifications and detailed tracking.

Allow managers to make salary, position or other changes

ConnX Variations enables managers to effortlessly make pivotal changes in salary, position, or other employment details, streamlining the modification process while maintaining accuracy and compliance with organisational policies

Unleash Unlimited Contract Customisation

Utilise ConnX Variations’ advanced mail merge technology to craft bespoke contracts, offering limitless possibilities for personalisation and adaptation to meet the evolving needs of both the company and its employees

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Lindsay Kilgour, HR and WHS Advisor

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