Learning & Education

Learning & Education

ConnX Learning and Education keeps you in control of the learning process. It removes much of the leg-work of identifying, managing and fulfilling staff educational needs. Not just a training record management system, but a full enrolment and skills inventory management solution.


Ongoing professional development and compliance

Ensure the right staff are doing the right job with the right qualifications

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Bookings calendar

Eliminate schedule conflicts by automatically cross-checking the availability of employees based on work schedules, leave applications and other training activities

Report on HR and payroll employee metrics in one place

Having a complete employee record including training in your HCM, provides a holistic view of the employee, their development, career progression and performance without having to switch software

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Included Features

Effective control of waiting lists

Our waiting lists allow you track who wants to attend and when, and then allows you to easily manage the process of booking them in – or adding them to a new course when it opens

Integrated LMS

ConnX integrates to Australia’s leading learning content platforms with pre-built training library of courses to provide you with a complete learning solution

Monitor the approval process and notify educators, managers and employees of key events

Follow the process of enrolment – approval – attendance – completion with ease and simplicity

Historical transcript of all learning activities

Easy tracking of training records in one place – and automatically filed in the appropriate location for compliance and future access

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“Having all team members within the one database ensures that we have all the information we need at our fingertips”

Lindsay Kilgour, HR and WHS Advisor

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