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ConnX benefits every member of your organisation

Connect every employee to the core of your business and empower them with self-service access to the information they deserve.

For the CEO

For the CEO

Streamlines business processes increasing efficiency for all employees and managers

Provides a communication platform between the company and each employee and manager

Reduces HR and payroll processing time by automating manual tasks

Allows you to share your vision for your organisation and get commitment from each level

For the HR team

Tracks positions, headcount, FTE, budgets and allocations

De-centralises input and maintenance of employee master file information

Provides an on-line employee document storage system

Automates the on-boarding process for the employee, manager, HR, payroll, IT and other departments with tasks that can be monitored

For the HR Team
For the Payroll Team

For the Payroll team

Frees you from the mundane, time-consuming questions of “How much…”, “What is…”and “I’ve changed…”

Automates the process of knowing when to pay (timesheets) and when to take away (leave)

Allows you to control the payroll process as no pay information is sent to the payroll system without you knowing about it

Increases accuracy as no double entry of details between what is entered and what is paid

For Managers

Gives you quick and easy lookup of the details of your staff

Provides you with an easy to use electronic ‘form’ to complete to change staff details

Gives you full history of staff movements, past reviews, leave, training, etc.

Allows you to control current and future workforce needs

For Managers

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