Core HR

Core HR

Using ConnX Core HR, centralise all employee data in a single solution – no more spreadsheets!  With automatic reminders and employee self service, you can keep all current and terminated employee records in 1 place.

Core HR

Centralised Qualifications, Licences, Skills and Visas – with expiration reminders

Track vital information – easy upload, centralised tracking and efficient notifications – all standard and all with standard easy to use reports.


Empower employees with their own access

Employee Self Service at its finest – allow every employee access to their details via mobile phone – and the ability to change their details with ease automatically applying your approval conditions!

Document storage with up to date policies and procedures

A central repository for all your documents, policies and procedures – so they are never out of date and always current


Additional Features

No more paper

Eliminate all paper based employee forms with our workflow forms builder

Items Register

Track all employee property, serial numbers, photos and return dates with ease

Data is never lost

Centralised employee data means that it is never lost and is effortless to manage and report

Date effective employee changes

Make changes in advance to action on a specific date. Less work, more automation!


Intuitive workflows built in – whether you request to recruit, appoint or need to change employee information

Lock is for security


Superior security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), yearly penetration testing and software built to keep your employee’s data safe

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“Having all team members within the one database ensures that we have all the information we need at our fingertips”

Lindsay Kilgour, HR and WHS Advisor

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