Roles & Positions

Roles & Positions

As well as managing the positional chart, this area allows you to set establishment counts, budgeted salary, hours and full position history


Confidence in your headcount budget

Quickly and easily manage the establishment of business needs and assign employees and to their position

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Positions 2

Tracks positional requirements and competency framework

Unlock the power of your competency framework with standardisation and transparency across the whole organisation – position descriptions are an added bonus

Builds, maintains and displays a positional organisational chart automatically

Managing staff movements, new starters and leavers automatically updates the positional organisational chart. Your organisation chart is never out to date, and available to everyone all the time

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Included Features

Full employee positional movements

Easy tracking of positional changes for all employees with detailed reporting. Track how employees have progressed, and quickly find previous incumbents if you are ever in a bind

Accurate FTE trend reporting

Your rules for full time equivalent reporting and tracking. 32.5, 35, 36.25, 37.5, 38 or 40 hours per week or something else – no problem. ConnX supports job sharing and part-timers as we are fully date effective reporting.

The platform for other Talent modules

Roles and positions is a powerful module, and when combined with talent modules enable even more automation, giving you the gift of more time.

Multi-tiered matrix reporting needs

Highly flexible positional reporting relationships with a single employee in multiple simultaneous positions with different managers, a single position with multiple incumbents and all completely date effective changes

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Lindsay Kilgour, HR and WHS Advisor

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