Gliderol Garage Doors

Gliderol Garage Doors

Gliderol has been manufacturing and supplying Garage Doors in Australia for over 40 years. With corporate headquarters in Adelaide, Gliderol also has production facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


200 Employees

Joined 2015

“We selected ConnX because of its ease of use and rapid implementation”

Leanne Baston, Chief Financial Officer


Inefficient, complex previous systems

No way to effectively track geographically dispersed workforce

Unable to keep managers and employees accountable

Extraneous paper based files


Centralised cloud based solution

All in one solution catered to their business needs

Integration with PeopleKey biometric time capture devices

Real time view of who’s on clocked on and who hasn’t

Effortlessly track attendance times

Enhanced payroll process and minimised errors

Streamlining Rostering and Award Interpretation at Gliderol

Gliderol has a workforce of around 200 people across its four locations. The team consists of office staff, factory floor personnel and, of course, a number of managers and supervisors.

Workforce Management

When Gliderol was sold to Reliance Doors in mid-2015, its payroll and finance operations were managed in New South Wales, in a shared services arrangement set up by the previous owners. These services needed to be returned to Gliderol’s head office. Gliderol’s Chief Financial Officer, Leanne Baston, needed to find a payroll, human resources and rostering solution that would meet their needs and could be implemented quickly.

“The way our previous system was set up was quite complex, and we wanted to take the opportunity with a new implementation to streamline and simplify the set-up. Due to time constraints, we needed a solution that would meet our needs without customisation”, Mrs Baston said.

The purchasing decision needed to be made rapidly and correctly because there was no time for a drawn-out review process. Gliderol put together a list of requirements and looked at the key suppliers. At the top of the list was local support. “We wanted a solution that offered local consultants. We knew this would enhance our service experience and ensure knowledge transfer when required”, Mrs Baston said.

Meeting the Requirements

Gliderol was looking for a cost-effective, value-for-money tool that could be implemented in a tight timeframe. “We looked at a number of suppliers and decided on ConnX for our human resources and award interpretation requirements”, Mrs Baston said. Gliderol selected the ConnX because of its ease of use and rapid implementation.

Rapid Implementation

Gliderol spoke to a number of suppliers and found that one was cheaper but unable to meet the tight deadline.

Gliderol appreciated the enthusiasm and dedication that the ConnX team demonstrated. “The implementation consultants really took the time to understand our business and were eager to ensure the project was completed on time”, Mrs Baston said.

Gliderol recognised that to maximise the efficiency gains provided by ConnX, it needed an integrated payroll, eHR and award interpretation solution.

“As well as understanding our needs, the implementation consultant also had a deep understanding of payroll which really helped to get the integration to payroll running smoothly”, Mrs Baston said.

“The ConnX consultants, know the solution extremely well, they were able to get the system to do whatever we needed. They were also really responsive and on-site whenever we needed them”

Award Interpretation

A solution to the previous time clock and rostering solution was also required. ConnX’s Award Interpretation and Rostering module was selected along with PeopleKey biometric time capture devices.

With manufacturing plants in four states, the workforce is geographically dispersed. Having a central cloud-based solution means that management in Adelaide has a real-time view of who’s on-site and who hasn’t clocked on.

The working hours of factory staff in the four locations are based on rosters. ConnX is able to effortlessly track attendance times and have managers and supervisors approve the timecards for hours worked, which keeps everyone accountable. ConnX automatically calculates overtime, time in lieu and penalty rates, which enhances the payroll process and minimises errors at Gliderol.

“We were able to meet our tight deadline, the implementation was finished in two weeks, with time for a parallel run”

The Paperless Office

ConnX has enabled Gliderol to minimise the need for the paper-based employee files that can be cumbersome and time-consuming to maintain. “Being able to minimise paper and keep people accountable are two very important things that ConnX provides for us”, Mrs Baston said.

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