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From 6th December 2023 new rules regarding Fixed Term Contracts including Time limitations, Renewal limitations and Consecutive contract limitations apply to all Fixed Term Contracts.

Discussing the importance of securely managing sensitive documents and information like contracts, licenses, disciplinary events and qualifications and how ConnX automation tools can ensure confidentiality and compliance.

ConnX was at the AHRI conference we met many great people, some had been rewarded as a recognition of good work. 

ConnX will be at the AHRI conference see you there. 

When the Fair Work Act commenced fully on 1st January 2010, there were certain kinds of Registered Agreements made prior to this date which are commonly referred to as ‘Zombie Agreements’.   Many

Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace, Code of Practice now active for Queensland

Bullying has significant impact on Workers

Recent Employee Under-Pay Cases Show HR Systems Are Critical

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