One Door Mental Health

One Door Mental Health

One Door Mental Health (previously Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW) is a non-profit, community-based organisation working in the field of mental illness. One Door Mental Health exist to improve the circumstances and welfare of people living with a mental illness.

Not for profit

350 employees

Joined 2014

“Spending less time answering staff queries and chasing paper forms means an impressive amount of time has been saved”

Karen Karakaya, HR Manager


Data was not useful

No integration with payroll


Automated HR workflows

No more wasted time searching for forms

Improved accountability

Information at their fingertips

Drastically reduced enquiries to payroll

Non-profit organisation finds time with ConnX

One Door Mental Health was founded in 1985 by volunteers and has grown steadily since its inception. The organisation now has around 300 employees and 230 volunteers who work across 40 sites in New South Wales and the ACT.

Being a non-profit organisation, time and information are both valuable resources. Managers at Schizophrenia Fellowship were putting an enormous amount of information into their payroll system but not getting much useful data out. They needed an eHR solution that could be integrated with their payroll system so that they could harness the valuable information they were storing

The Search Begins

Karen Karakaya, HR Manager at One Door Mental Health, headed up the selection committee. “Before we started looking at solutions, we spoke with the managers and asked them what they needed from a human resources system”, Ms Karakaya said.

Ease of use was the most requested feature, but the managers also wanted a solution that would streamline processes and make it easier for them to find the information they needed. For the human resources team, having a system that integrated with payroll was vital. This meant that information could be shared between the two systems and redundant data entry would be eliminated.

“We were looking for a system that could improve efficiency and accountability”

Efficiency Gains with Workflow

ConnX eHR provides a powerful and customisable workflow engine. One Door Mental Health recognised that efficiency gains could be achieved by harnessing this tool with the HR Workflow forms.

Eight paper-based forms were replicated in ConnX and workflow approvals were established for each. Automation of these forms has saved an enormous amount of time and manual administration. “We no longer waste time searching for forms. We simply look in ConnX”, Ms Karakaya said.

Accountability has also been improved. If managers are holding up approvals they are sent reminders automatically. “We now find that information gets to HR in hours, not days”, Ms Karakaya said.

Enquiries Reduced

Now that employees and managers have information at their fingertips, enquiries to payroll have been drastically reduced. “Spending less time answering staff queries and chasing paper forms means an impressive amount of time has been saved, so we can focus on the important work”, Ms Karakaya said.

Communication is Key

The ConnX consultants set the system up to do everything that One Door Mental Health needed and provided training on how to use and manage ConnX. “Feedback has been excellent. Managers now have instant access to the information they need”, Ms Karakaya said.

The payroll expertise of the ConnX consultant really helped during implementation. “The support at ConnX is absolutely amazing. There has never been an issue they couldn’t help us with”, Ms Karakaya said. The human resources team at One Door Mental Health realised that organisation-wide acceptance of the system hinged on quality training and on-going communication.

The human resources team provided one-on-one training for all staff. “ConnX is really easy to use. Our staff can’t get lost, which has ensured early adoption by users”, Ms Karakaya said.

The implementation of ConnX has been a huge success. The time and cost savings have exceeded those that were originally anticipated, which is great news for this non-profit organisation.

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