PeopleKey is an industry leader in terms of both innovation and value. “We manufacture our own biometric scanners, develop our software in-house, and provide remarkable support to our partners and clients.”

“Our commitment to service is a major reason why so many government and commercial organisations look to PeopleKey for their biometric technology needs.”

ConnX and PeopleKey partnership

PeopleKey’s reliability and service works perfectly with our vision of partnering with like-minded organisations with a common goal of helping the marketplace.

In most industries, biometric finger-scanning is an excellent easy way of quickly and accurately recording times. These times are automatically integrated into the ConnX Timesheets and Award Intepretation module for award interpretation and then on-processing via workflow approval and then to payroll.

With a suite of add-on the PeopleKey V30 scanners can be configured in many different options.

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