SEEK creates world-class product technology solutions to address the needs of job seekers and hirers and facilitate the matching between job seekers and hirers across our online employment marketplaces.

ConnX and SEEK partnership

ConnX and SEEK have been partners for many years. ConnX has maintained a direct partnership with SEEK for publishing new jobs for over 7 years, and as SEEK continues to update its integration platform ConnX has always been there to support our clients using SEEK.

Our current integration includes

Publishing new jobs, updating and expiring jobs on SEEK

Candidate applications from the SEEK website directly into ConnX

Candidate applications from ConnX Careers, using the Apply with SEEK package

As SEEK continues to deliver an improved candidate apply experiences, ConnX will continue to update our integration to help candidates find and apply for jobs quickly, and recruiters to publish jobs and shortlist candidates quickly.

Apply with SEEK

The Apply with SEEK API offers an improved candidate experience by pre-filling a candidate’s application on an apply form hosted by ConnX Careers. Using information from their SEEK profile; the candidate can attach their stored CV making it easier to apply on desktop or mobile. This leads to an improved application experience and enhances brand perception.

Recruiters can

Use the application form on ConnX Careers including your own screening questions

Standardise all candidate applications via ConnX Careers branded platform

Improve the candidate’s brand experience

Manage applications in directly in ConnX instead of SEEK

Candidates can

Easily apply for roles on the careers portal via desktop or mobile devices

Use their SEEK profile to pre-fill application information

Attach their stored CV to their application

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