benefits of our hr solution

ConnX is a web-based, modular HR software solution delivering a powerful suite of tools to engage employees and liberate busy HR and payroll professionals. It enables you to easily:

  • Expand your operations by rapidly hiring and training staff from the talent pool, external candidates or internally qualified and ready employees
  • Identify talent levels of all staff appropriate to their current position, desired position or any other position in the organisation for key personnel succession planning and leadership management
  • Identify and create training plans, negotiate best training rates with providers, and monitor training effectiveness
  • Reduce risk by ensuring the right person is doing the right job
  • Engage with employees on various topics, ideas, business strategies and more
  • Show return on your people investment
  • Ensure every employee is working on the objectives of the organisation
  • Aligns personal needs to company strategy so both employees and the organisation wins
  • Identify your future leaders to nurture and ensure the future success of the organisation
  • Streamline and seamlessly integrate all HR processes across your organisation.
  • Increase efficiency and control by eliminating paper-based approval processes
  • Manage your strategies to see what gives you the best impact on the business