How we implement

At ConnX Pty Ltd we adopt a unique implementation approach to your ConnX solution. Where possible, training is performed on-site on your ConnX system, meaning during the training sessions you are configuring your own solution. Your investment in ConnX includes your own sandpit training system for you to use at any time.

To ensure your success with ConnX, we recommend the following approach outlined below to implement your ConnX system. However, the implementation is also flexible so training can be customised to suit your business and resource requirements.

To provide the right mix between cost, timing and resources, our resource plan clearly shows the requirements needed from both you and us. However if you find your resources dedicated to other projects, we can provide an additional hand when needed.

Implementation Diagram


We recommend a phased modular approach to implementation. This means ConnX is deployed in stages that match your business requirements, which provides the benefit of management and business ‘buy-in’ into ConnX, smaller and easier to manage implementation segments, faster adoption of change management processes, and the ability to meet business milestones progressively.


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