Trade Shows as Non-Monetary Rewards for Employees

Dave and Luis at AHRI conference

Trade Shows as Non-Monetary Rewards for Employees

Trade Shows as Non-Monetary Rewards for Employees


9th August 2023

Dave and Luis at AHRI conference

Recently the ConnX team participated in the AHRI (Australian HR Institute)  national conference at the wonderful Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. We met some amazing people, including  Saul Beaty from the BCEC digital marketing team. We met many other conference attendees and we all commented on the value it must bring to their teams who can participate.  With the rise of the gig economy, work-from-home opportunities, and ever-changing job roles, there’s a growing emphasis on non-monetary rewards as a means to engage, motivate, and retain employees. This is especially relevant for government employees, with the opportunity to attend trade shows viewed as both a recognition of achievement, and a valuable learning and networking platform.

There are many positives, here is a few the ConnX team discussed.

  1. Experiential Learning

Trade shows and conferences are melting pots of industry knowledge. By attending such events, government employees can gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and practices. This allows them to remain at the forefront of their domains, ensuring that they bring the most current and relevant knowledge back to their departments. This form of experiential learning can often be more impactful than traditional training programs, as it offers hands-on exposure and real-world applications.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Beyond learning, trade shows present unparalleled networking opportunities. Government employees can interact with their counterparts from other states or countries, share experiences, challenges, and solutions, and forge relationships that can be beneficial in collaborative projects in the future. It provides a unique platform where public servants can engage with professionals from various backgrounds, fostering inter-departmental and inter-state collaborations.

  1. Boosting Morale and Recognition

Being selected to represent one’s department or state at a trade show can be a significant morale booster for government employees. It signifies recognition of their dedication, skills, and expertise. Such opportunities can motivate employees, enhancing their job satisfaction and commitment to their roles.

  1. Bridging the Gap between Public and Private Sectors

Trade shows often draw participants from both the private and public sectors. This mix provides government employees with insights into how commercial companies operate, think, and innovate. Such interactions can lead to the adaptation of best practices from the commercial world to the public sector, making government operations more efficient and citizen-centric.

  1. Catalyst for Innovation

Exposure to new tools, technologies, and methodologies can spark innovative ideas. By attending trade shows, government employees can bring back novel solutions that can be implemented within their departments, leading to more effective and efficient public services.

While it’s essential to ensure that government employees receive fair monetary compensation, it’s equally crucial to recognise the value of non-monetary rewards like attending trade shows. Such opportunities not only serve as platforms for learning and networking but also play a vital role in boosting morale, fostering innovation, and bridging the gap between the public and private sectors. As governments continue to evolve and adapt to the changing work landscape, integrating such experiential rewards can be a strategic move to ensure a motivated, informed, and efficient workforce.

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